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Leah McKay and James Harrison Dotts family

Leah McKay and James Harrison Dotts:

James Harrison Dotts
December 14, 1828
Centerville, OH

Sabina, OH

Died - James died in OK
February 28, 1909
Craig, Oklahoma

Chetopa, KS, Oak Hill Cemetery

Other Spouse(s)
(He never remarried after Leah died - but lived with his son William McKay Dotts and daughter in law May Holliman Dotts (May Louisa or sometimes Louisa May) in the Oklahoma Indian Territory til his death)
F. Unk and Dorothy Dotts

Leah McKAY - her obituary - Mrs. Hill, is Nancy Sue Coats Hill my dad's sister, she married Bill Hill, Craig County, Oklahoma

March 21, 1831

September 2, 1886 Chetopa, KS

Chetopa, KS
Oak Hill Cemetery - they are the only two Dotts buried in this cemetery

(This is the same stone, James is on one side and Leah the other, James' info has seriously deteriorated over time.

(Greg Dotts standing by James and Leah's grave stone); (and Greg's wife Karen at James and Leah's grave)

Parents - Leah McKay's parents
Jesse McKAY and Mary Rowe


1 M Jesse W Dotts - Born 1849 Spouse Emma Burton
February 26, 1882
Prob OH

2 M Daniel B. Dotts (he never married) Born May 20, 1851 Ohio
December 2, 1935
Centralia, OK Robert Paul Coats was his nephew by marriage to his niece, Leah McKay Dotts Coats;

3 M James Andrew Dotts Jr (he remained in OH and later moved to New Mexico then On to Oklahoma) Born September 1853
Spouse Amanda Elizabeth Hagler
January 5, 1876

4 M John Dotts Born 1854
Spouse Rhoda
Four stones of Dotts at Bluejacket Cemetery, Craig County, OK;

5 F Mary E. Dotts Born 1855 OH
Spouse Matthias G Mathews
December 19, 1878
Prob OH

6 M David M Dotts Born July 27, 1858 Clinton County OH
Huldah Rhodema Davis
1888 Siloam Springs, AR
August 1, 1928
Noble Co. OK

7 F Anna Dotts (she might be the Augustus listed in the 1860 census above)
Born 1860
Spouse Johnson

8 M William Mckay Dotts Born April 18, 1861 Centerville, OH
Louisa May Holliman; their daughter Leah McKay Dotts; her son Claud Russell Coats in the obituary is my dad buried in Fairhaven Cemetery, Santa Ana, CA; William and Louisa or May also had a daughter named Gertrude Dotts Wilkins Hamm and their son James Ira Dotts died very young about age 10 or 11
About 1900
Died February 27, 1939 Cnw, It, OK Paul Coats is Robert Paul Coats, his son in law and married to his daughter Leah McKay Coats; Tombstone Bluejacket Cemetery, Craig County, OK-

9 M George B. Dotts - 3 or 4 of these Dotts brothers are buried next to each other in the Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, Craig County, Oklahoma
Born August 27, 1864
Died July 11, 1913 Bluejacket, Craig County Oklahoma

10 F Lavenia Dotts Born 1867 Spouse Johnson

11 M Thomas S. Dotts - He also had a son Daniel Dotts, that lived in the San Bernardino/Riverside County, CA area Born February 20, 1868 Clinton County OH
Beulah C. Isbell
August 13, 1952
San Bernardino County CA (his son Daniel died in SB county CA as well)