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Letter from Mattie McKay showing our connection

Transcribed copy of a letter dated Jan 14, 1896 from Sabina, OH a Miss Abbie M. McKay, New
Burlington, OH; transcribed by Charlotte Coats descendant of Leah McKay m James H. Dotts

Sabina, OH, Jan 14, 1896
Miss Abbie M. McKay
New Burlington, Ohio

Kind Cousin: Your letter of the 10 th ult. To my sister, Mrs. Mary Bottenfield has been referred to me for answer. Mrs. Bottenfield is not very well, and I have the most complete record of any of our folks, and have taken the deepest interest in the matter hence I cheerfully do the best I can and send our record. My record of the McKay family differs from yours at the very out set. I will however start with yours, and you will readily see wherein the difference lies. It occours to me if we are of the same branch, you have omitted one Job. For your starter, viz. Robt. McKay "came to America late in the 17 th Century." Now this is a long stretch to be covered easily by three generations, isn’t it? Hence my thought of a missing link.

But to proceed:
I Robert McKay
1. Andrew
2. Jacob
3. Job
4. Robert

II Job McKay from Scotland, dates unknown.

III Job McKay came from Frederic co. VA and resided till death, in 1830, 1831 or 1834 in Fayette co. Ohio. Whither born in USA we do not know. His wife, Anna McKay died in 1839 or 1840 See III ( 5) p. 3 (note there for this) His daughters: Leah, Patience, Hannah, Sally mar. John Williams and the last lived a maiden. His sons: Isaac, Robert, Jesse

III 1. Isaac McKay born 1784 died Dec 15, 1844. His wife Sarah (Pavey added here) b Feb 11, 1791 d Apr 14, 1845. Family:
1. David b Sept 18, 1823 d Jan 3, 1858
2. Thomas b Nov 11, 1816. Lives at Union City Missouri (cross out and Iowa added in pencil.)
3. Polly Ann b Sept 11, 1821 m Wesley West
4. 4. Nancy b Nov 6, 1819 m Joe Adams
5. Isabel b Oct 1, 1825 m. _________Gregory
6. Lucinda b Dec 16 1827 m Jonathan Gustin and live now in Wilmington, Ohio
7. Harriet b Sept 27, 1829 d 1871 m Wm Simmons
8. Sarah b Dec 16, 1831 m Jonathan Adams now live in Sabina
9. Elizabeth b Jan 2, 1833
10. Frances Jane b Mar 1835 m Jas. Tyzer

III 2. Robert McKay. 1 st wife Sophia 2 nd wife Catherine. No children

III 3 Leah McKay m Edward Adams; (children) Job; Wash; David; Nancy; Sally m John Williams n.b. this husband is probably by mistake put here instead of 6

III 4 Patience McKay m Thomas Adams (illegible part)
Children of Thos. And Patience McKay Adams continued:
1. Mel?ana mar. Reuben Merriweather, lives at Reeseville, O or around with relations
2. Ana lived and died a maiden

III 5 Jesse who is hereafter designated IV this record.

IV Jesse McKay from Frederic Co. VA to Fayette Co. Ohio born 1776 died Nov 5, 1864. 1 st wife Martha Saunders b _________ d Apr. 4, 1823.
1. Ann mar Elijah Spahr, both dead. Some or all of their children live near Xenia, Ohio
2. Eliza m F. Snow
3. Charity m a Sever
4. James
2 nd wife of Jesse McKay Mary Rowe b __________ d July 2, 1871
1. Sarah
2. William b May 31, 1828. An "old Bach." Lives in Green T.P. Fayette Co. Ohio
3. Jesse b _______ d Jan 1883. Afflicted from early childhood, never married
4. Leah mar. James Dotts children: Jesse, Daniel, James, John, Mary, David William, Ann,
Thomas and looks like Bean the mother died in Kansas (char'’ note: this is my grandmother'’
grandmother and she died on the way home from taking her brother to the train station after a
visit to KS from OH) Her son James lives in Clinton Co. O the rest of the family are all in the
west. (Chetopa KS, Leah and James are both buried there)

IV 2 nd set (5) Job McKay b Mar 24, 1833, now lives in Fayette Co. Ohio. P.O. Sabina. Hereafter to be marked V in this record.

V. Job McKay. Wife Ann Marie (Maria) McKee b Feb 21, 1836
(?) Fannie Carroll of Wilmington O b Mar 5, 1861 (small writing so Fannie his bride)
1. John M. b Nov 16, 1856
2. Jesse R. b Jan 11, 1859 d May 6, 1861
3. Mary Jane (F.M. Bottenfield) b Dec 29, 1860
4. Olive Ann (Jno W. Butterfield) b Aug 17, 1862
5. Martha Alvina (E.K. Luttrell) b Jan 30, 1865
6. Charles Grant b Feb 8, 1867 (m. Ella Groves)
7. Adda (H.O? Burris) b Aug 4, 1869
8. Melissa Belle (Wm. Pavey) b Feb 2, 1872
9. Alma (C.O. Deer) b July 20, 1874
10. Margaret b Apr 25, 1877
3-----Forest Earl Bottenfield b Dec 24, 1882
3-----Anna Maria Bottenfield b Feb 28, 1887
4-----Naomi Butterfield b Nov 13, 1890
5-----James ?erson Luttrell b Dec 29, 1894
6-----Barbary McKay b Oct 18, 1890
8-----Adda Irene Pavey b Nov 26, 1893
(handwritten note: Adda Irene Pavey married Moris Langdon (children) Leona Pavey Conklin, Mary Pavey Harris, Helen Pavey Wilson, Wm. Hugh Pavey ------ Barbury McKay Barbara McKay Baughn, Juanita McKay gray? About 190? Or 03?

III. 1. (2) Thomas McKay b Nov 11, 1816 1 st wife Maria Supton b Sept 19, 1821 d June 2, 1859
1. Sarah Ellen b Dec 2, 1842 d Dec 10, 1842
2. David F. b Apr 7, 1844
3. Alonze (not sure of this name) b Mar 31, 1846
4. Ann Eliza b Nov 5, 1848 mar a Guffey or Griffey??
5. Charles M. b Dec 7, 1851
2 nd wife
1. Mariah b Oct 19, 1859 d Feb 23, 1864
2. ? (Pary ?homae b Apr 22, 1861 d Aug 16, 1862
3. Marcia b May 9, 1863 d Mar 31, 1864
I have delayed this so long in waiting for Mrs. Made Syfers, of Leescreek, Centerville, Clinton co. O to send a report she promised. She has not done so and I submit this without hers. She is a daughter of James McKay, see p. 4 of this letter, IV 1 st wife, d.

I hope this will be satisfactory to you and help you out somewhat with your record. My P.O. will be changed soon to Cuba Clinton co. O Please address me there after next week. I have bought a small farm and will probably be able to attend some of the future McKay-Collett picnics. In the mean time, if I can assist you any in clearing up and perfecting our records I shall be pleased to do so when ever asked.

Please allow me to hereby extend an invitation to you and other cousins to call on us at our home whenever it may be convenient for you to do so.

Very truly, J.M. McKay

P.S. If anything herein is not clear I will try and clarify it if you’ll ask.

Penciled not on back of last page. The within is the record of the family of Jobe McKay of Scotland. We descend from the family of Robert of Scotland. Job and Robert were probably brothers but we are not certain of this, we know this much the families are distant relations.
Mattie McKay (Proof in Chalkley Augusta court records and wills in Frederick Co. VA with help from Hopewell records, Quaker, etc, HBW)

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